The Most Amazing Birthday Bundle Ever!!



👋 I am SOOO excited to celebrate my birthday with you! For my special day this year, you're invited to celebrate with me VIP style! 🥂 As my gift to you, I'm opening up my one-of-a-kind membership AND I'm also including ALL my goodies I use for my own business to get $5k+ months. Coz my birthday wish for you is that I want you to be able to THRIVE in your own freedom-based business and have fun along the way.  I have poured my heart & soul (& occasional sweat & tears, but never blood) into these trainings, templates & tools especially to help you get a headstart & UPLEVEL in 2022!!
And I want YOU to have it all & Enjoy!!
With Love Always, Dianne xx

Want me to break dance? 💃🏻 
How 'bout I break down what's included in this bday treat instead?

🎁   Access to our VIP membership, includes:

  • Over a dozen online video training & tools created specifically to help female entrepreneurs with their mindset, strategy, systems, & making sales online!

  • Entire Lead Magnet Campaign (pages, copy templates, tech) built & ready for you to use so you can get 100's of HOT new leads online!

  • Access to our monthly live calls & recordings
    This is where we will answer your business Qs, provide additional training, &/or have guest speakers to talk about specialized topics.

  • 2 x Voxer office hours every single month (it's like having a coach in your pocket every step of the way!)

  • Interactive Funnel Lab
    (this is one-of-a-kind opportunity to take the tech overwhelm out & easily simulate your funnel traffic!)

  • VIP Business Partner Listing to get more visibility & even more clients for your business online!

  • Invite to our yearly goal-setting party 🎉
    We're here to help you stay on track for your #goals & have fun along the way!

🎁   Instant Access to The Passion to Profit Jumpstart Kit:

  • This step-by-step & jam-packed guide shows you exactly how I rewrote my story to leap into a life full of abundance!

  • I'll share the exact process I use to figure out which roadblocks & possible solutions so you can finally get out of the stuck & overwhelmed zone

  • I'll walk you through how you can understand your current story, which is the starting point of the rest of your #bestlife!

  • Not only that but I will also show you my visualization exercise you can use to map out what EXACTLY #bestlife looks like for you!

  • I’ll even show you how I make sure I have an amazing support structure around me to ensure my ultimate success!

  • PLUS: an open space for you to explore your thoughts, a challenge that will help you get more accountability & a powerful exercise that has been the key to keeping myself focused on achieving my goals!

🎁   Instant Access to The Ultimate Launch Kit:

  • This launch-as-easy-as-birthday-pie kit shows you exactly how I build my simple funnels that allows me to easily get more clients online

  • I'll share the exact framework I use to figure out which offers to sell; the ones that will create the most impact & income

  • Not only that but I will also give you my entire launch checklist plus sales page AND email copy templates so you come prepared & show up well for your audience

  • I’ll even show you how you can create a value-packed freebie & highly-converting lead magnet landing page in no time!

  • Exclusive platform comparison chart to stop the #techoverwhelm sales & a secret hack I use to promote on FB groups (with your every own promo tracker template) so you can get even more sales!

🎁   Instant Access to The Ultimate Social Media Kit:

  • Get access to the ultimate social media kit that will allow you to leverage your social media & get (even more) leads for your biz!

  • This get-more-client kit shows you exactly how I leverage Facebook & Instagram for my business to get 100's of eye balls for my business every single day!

  • I'll share the exact hashtag strategy  I use to get more followers; the ones that are actually my ideal clients & convert more sales

  • Not only that but I will also show you my 5-step process to dominate Facebook Groups once & for all!

  • I’ll even show you how I work smarter, not harder and get more done in less time with my easy-to-use social media templates & ultimate tracker

  •  FREE bonuses: an exclusive list of the top 10+ FB groups you can use to promote your business without having to pay a 'membership' fee & get real humans to engage with your content instead of yet another cricket-filled group!

🎁   Instant Access to The Ultimate Brand Visibility Kit:

  • This get-an-irresistible-brand-presence-and-get-more-clients kit shows you exactly how I get more visibility for my business with a memorable and authentic brand that attracts the right type of clients that I *actually* want to work with!

  • I'll share with you how to easily build a brand that feels aligned with YOU including my fave online resources you must read if you're just getting started with your brand presence. 

  • Not only that but I'll also show you my entire process for gaining visibility on social media & my personal list of places online where I get access to at least 1-2 interviews a week & 9 summits in 2021!

  •  I'll even give you access to my exclusive online video training where I show you EXACTLY how to show up as the go-to expert whenever you leverage other people's platform & get (even more) new leads!

  • Even more goodies: I'll give access to my step-by-step interview guide, fill-in-the-blanks PR media kit that will definitely one-up your competitors so you can finally get the recognition you deserve!


So Grateful for So Much LOVE From These Peeps!! 🧡🧡

100% Transparency Refund Policy:

This is my personal guarantee that you will LOVE everything in this super special bundle. If (a big IF) you don't like any of my training, my accent, or my face, you are free to cancel anytime!  Your cancellation takes effect right away for the next billing cycle. Please contact me if you have any questions.





🧡 Created With Love by Dianne Shelton, MBA

What differentiates her from other coaches out there is that she's not just another "techie" coach helping you with your online business strategy & systems. She has a formal education with a 4-year degree with Computer Science, Master's degree in Business (specialized in Innovation & Growth), coaching certificate, and brings with her over 10 years of real-world tech management experience! She has successfully worked alongside CEOs & executives of Fortune 500 companies AND small businesses to deliver PRACTICAL strategies and helped them implement systems that work!

And now, her mission is to help YOU do the same & build a THRIVING online business that works for you!

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